Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday papers and upcoming guests

The front page of today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution showcases the latest in a series of investigative pieces about mentally ill Georgians dying from lack of proper care. If anyone has forgotten that jails and prisons have become society's de facto mental health faciltiies, this is a vivid reminder. Reporter Andy Miller, co-author of the series, will guest lecture in JRMC 8350 on October 3.

The lead story in today's "Week in Review" section of the New York Times is called "Unveiling Health Care 2.0, Again." You'll want to read this -- and stay alert for ongoing coverage of health care plans put forth by presidential hopefuls -- so you'll be ready for November 28. That's the penultimate class meeting, when you get to grill four College of Public Health students about health care platforms of various candidates.

This coming Wednesday you'll have a chance to try out your long feature ideas twice in the same class meeting. Award-winning online editor Jim Alred will meet with us for the first half of class, and after the break we'll be joined by editors from newspapers and magazines in greater ATH. Be prepared to pitch!


Grey said...

The mental health in prisons article was definitely interesting. I also read an AP article today about how state prisons in North Carolina are having to spend more and more money on caring for elderly prisoners. One of the ways prison officials are trying to reduce costs is by having hospital and mental health facilities built within the prisons.

Chris Fricks said...

yikes! I'm thinking One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Having the line blur between hospitals, mental health facilities and prisons just sounds like a bad idea all around.

alice1988 said...

Here is a great mental health prisons article was very interesting. its a good think. thanks for including me.



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