Friday, September 14, 2007

Inspiration for the next steps

Now that all you 8350 students have met your first deadline, it's time to gear up for your multimedia adventure. If you haven't already done so, I hope you'll make contact with your photojournalism partners over the weekend. It's important that you work as a team to explore topics and find the story that will grow into your long feature, photographs, and audio-slide production.

To help you get started, check out the links at
These are finalists for the 2007 Online Journalism Awards and there's a lots of great stuff here. Scroll down and you'll find some excellent pieces done by students. "The Science of Sex," for example, is built from man (and woman) on the street interviews conducted in a park. The sound is natural, the people are real, this is proves that human interest does not have to be high-tech.

More audio-slide presentations recommended by photo and multimedia guru Mark Johnson: (We watched part of this in class.) (Just for fun.)

Happy hunting!

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Anonymous said...

For those who don't have the benefit of being in the 8350 class, I am posting what I consider to be the quote or quotes of the week by our distinguished professor:

Referring to her free time in Boston, she said of her weekly tennis game: "Bunch of ladies--bunch of tennis."

In teaching us about interviewing, she had this keen parallel to a romantic relationship: "There is only one time when people pay total attention to you," suggesting that we treat our interviewees with the same care we might treat someone we are falling in love with.

Having obviously not exhausted that topic, the professor said that in a good interview "judgment will fly out the window...just like in a love affair."