Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More jolt than Jittery Joe's

Admit it, you got quite an adrenaline rush when Dr. Dan Colley feigned sudden death while describing the worst consequences of Chagas disease. I know I did! Slides for his excellent presentation, "What reporters need to know about covering infectious disease," will soon be linked to the syllabus posted on the KnightHealth teaching page.

While you were busy launching your health/medical blogs over Labor Day weekend, I was catching up with back issues of The New Yorker. In the August 13 issue, Hot Zone author Richard Preston writes a gripping piece about Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, a genetic disorder that drives affected boys to bite off the tips of their own fingers (among other things). Check it out.

Everyone did well launching the blogs and I'm eager to see how these conversations develop during the coming months.

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Grey said...

I would definitely like to read the Lesch Nyhan article. I first learned about the disease a couple years ago at Appalachian State where I took a class called Biotechnology in Today's Society. It was largely a course centered on discussion of medical ethics. This disorder was mentioned numerous times in our discussions. What a terrible disease to deal with as a child and as the parent of a child born with this disorder.